7951 Hwy 35
Bigfork, Montana

Moroldo's Ristorante Italiano
Italian Restaurant
Authentic Italian Fine Dining
Imported Wine and Spirits

When I asked Fabrizio what brought him to our town, he explained that he has always loved stories of the American west and of the native Americans who live here. As a successful businessman traveling all over the world, he had the opportunity to take holiday vacations in Montana. Those vacations heightened his love of our state and when he happened to vacation in the Swan Valley a few years back, the goal was set in his mind that one day he would return and establish an authentic Northern Italian restaurant with the same traditions of food preparation and service that he grew up with and mastered as a young man.      

"I always loved the kitchen, by the time I was twelve I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the restaurant business. There is always something doing in the kitchen, it is a focal point in the home and a place of great joy and enjoyment when I was growing up. I went to hotel and restaurant school in France. After graduating from hotel school I worked in a series of great hotels and restaurants throughout Europe."

There is such a great enthusiasm about Fabrizio when he talks about working in the kitchens of fine hotels and the list is truly impressive. The Savoy of London, The Grand Hotel in Rimini Italy where the great Italian filmmaker Fredrico Fellini spent much of his time, The Splendid Hotel in Switzerland, The Vendome Aix in Provence, France, the Palm Beach in Marseille, The Michelangelo in Venice, and hotels in Milano and in Torino, site of the recent winter Olympics.

His career took a turn into the world of big business when he went to work for one of Italy's largest export companies. Fabrizio explained that during this tim in his life he traveled to more than 98 foreign countries. "As I traveled all over the world, my love for the United States and the Western U.S. in particular, continued to grow. When the twins, Ethan and Kimberley were born, I knew the day would come when I would want to stop traveling and settle down somewhere to raise our children. About three years ago we came looking for a place to buy in the Bigfork area. After a search of the area restaurants that were for sale, we decided that the only way we would be able to get what we really wanted would be to build a place of our own design. We bought the property in Bigfork and started the process of building a home and restaurant and moving to the United States. It is a difficult task to immigrate to Montana from Italy. There is a great deal of paperwork to fill out and many hours spent getting the proper documentation together. Combine this with the complexity of building a restaurant and a home at the same time and you can understand that the last three years have been quite an adventure."

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